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“IMD is most pleased about Finese PR's approach to public relations. Finesse has helped IMD raise its visibility considerably in the Indian market through interviews, features and article placements. We are delighted to consider Finesse a partner of IMD”,

Alessandro Sofia,

Finese PR has been working with
IMD since 2008.
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Our Team
We work hard at understanding the clients’ business as much if not better than the clients themselves. We at Finese PR believe in the credo that it is only with a thorough understanding of the business that we can pitch it to a target audience as partners and not mere vendors. We have in place a team with an exceptional track record and immense experience in a variety of segments, which helps us communicate better with the relevant target group.

Mr. Amit Azad
Heading the operations of the company is Mr. Amit Azad, FCA, who is a Chartered Accountant with over two decades of experience in cross-domains like Financial Consultancy, Issue Management, Investor Relations, Public Relations and Corporate Affairs. His core competency is the ability to communicate financial numbers to the target audience by clear analysis and putting the things in their right perspective. He has the ability to align the business objectives of any enterprise into clear well defined communication messages in order to be able to forge a way ahead in realizing those business objectives.
Dr. Abha Azad

Dr. Abha Azad looks after strategy for clients. She has a Doctorate in English Literature and has over 16 years of domain experience in the field of Communication. After having worked with some of the leading Public Relation Agencies in the country, she worked across the table when she headed the brand management and corporate communication for egurucool.com the first mainstream e-learning company in the country. She brings to the table an ability to strategize by analyzing the need of the client and putting it into a communication package, which is then disseminated to the identified targeted audience. Her core language skills add the required strength and punch to the communication messages in order to be effectively delivered in an understandable communiqué.

Mr. Sunil Kumar Singh

Regional Media Relations at Finese PR is headed by Mr. Sunil Kumar Singh, who has the expertise and the experience to focus on media across the country. Sunil is a Senior Consultant with Finese PR and has been associated with the company for over 5 years. He has a Post Graduate Diploma in Journalism and an Honours degree in History. He has over 8 years of experience in media and public relations. He specializes in vernacular PR and heads the team that handles regional media for all clients. Sunil has also started to focus on investor relations and handles the same for two clients which have listed companies.

The team at the helm is ably supported by a team of management and communication graduates with specialization in various fields like media, IT, HR, Marketing, etc.



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